PP-R Pipes

ThermoVAR PP-R (High Molecular Random Copolymers Polypropylene Water Pipes) potable water pipe is the fourth generation pipe material succeeding galvanized pipe, PVC-U pipe and aluminum plastic composite pipe.  ThermoVAR distributes PP-R pipes for water supply in accordance with the standards of GB/T18742.1-2002, GB/T18742.2-2002, GB/T18742.3-2002, GB/T1219.3-1998, ISO/DIS 158741.1999 and under the guidance of ISO/DIS 15874.1 1999.  PP-R pipes are widely used in developed countries.  It is a food grade safe and weather resistant pipe most suitable for potable water supply and hot water transportation for water heating systems.



  1. ThermoVAR PP-R pipes and fittings are certified by related quality inspection organization regarding health and construction material.
  2. All pipes and fittings are marked with specifications, nominal pressure and brand, production date.  Quality certificate of pipes bears specifications, quantity, production date, inspector name and production standard and product grade.
  3. Raw material used is imported high quality macro molecule random co-polypropylene with good process performance.
  4. Pipe color is white.  Standard pipe length is 4 meters.  6 meter custom made pipe is available upon request subject to ordering lead time.
  5. ThermoVAR PP-R pipes have three (3) ratings: 1.6MPa, 2.0MPa, 2.5MPa.  Fittings rated at 2.5MPa fittings can be used with pipes of any rating.
  6. Smooth outer wall, no blisters, cracks, peels and obvious marks, in even colour.
  7. Cold water pipe has blue mark line; hot water pipe bears red mark line.
  8. For weld jointing, ThermoVAR will provide safe, easy-to-use and reliable welding tools.



Property Comparison
Galvanized Steel PVC PEX PP-R Aluminum Plastic
Scale, Rust Yes No No No No
Sanitary Condition Poor Has C1 Good Good Good
Thermal Insulation Poor Good Poor Good Good
Heat Resistance Ovenproof Not Ovenproof Not Ovenproof Not Ovenproof Not Ovenproof
Compressive Resistance High Low Medium Medium Medium
Linear Expansion Even Even Uneven Uneven Even
Jointing Compression Solvent Weld Compression Compression Electric Fusion
Recycling Cannot Can Cannot Can Can



  • Lightweight, low specific gravity
  • White construction material with excellent sanitary performance.  Molecule of PP-R material is composed of carbon and hydrogen; therefore, it has reliable sanitary performance
  • Corrosion resistant, no scales accumulated, with long lifetime -- up to 50 years
  • Low flow resistance, good thermal insulation, low head loss, low thermal conductivity -- only 1/500 of brass pipes and 1/250 of steel pipes
  • Low elastic modulus, low thermal distortion
  • Product can be recycled
  • Easy and reliable installation



  • Internal cold and hot water piping premises including central heating system
  • Internal heating system including flooring, wall heating and radiating system
  • Purified water supply
  • Centralized air conditioning system
  • Industrial chemical flow transport system



Pipe specifications as shown are DN32 standard for nominal outside diamater, wall thickness and tolerance

 ITEM (Term)
 Melt Index  0.25 g / 10 min  ASTM D1238
 Density 0.9  g / cm³  ASTM D1505



 ITEM (Term)
 OIT (at 200°C)  > 30  min  ASTM D3895
 Water Absorption  < 0.01  %  ASTM D570
 Tensile Strength (Yield)  230  kgf / cm²  ASTM D638
 Elongation (Break)  > 600  %  ASTM D638
 Flexural Modulus  8500  kgf / cm²  ASTM D790
 Hardness (Rockwell)  72  R Scale  ASTM D785
 Izod Impact Strength (Non-Notched)  NB  kgf cm / cm  ASTM D256
 Izod Impact Strength (Notched 23°C)  60  kgf cm / cm  ASTM D256
 Melting Point  139  °C  ASTM D3418
 Softening Point (Vicat)  133  °C  ASTM D1525
 Heat Deflection Temperature  85  °C  ASTM D648
 Specific Heat  0.46  Cal / g °C  KPIC Method
 Heat Conductivity  3  10^-4 cal cm / cmsec. °C  KPIC Method
 Volume Resistivity  1  10^17 ohmcm  ASTM D257
 Dialectric Constant (1 Khz)  2.3    ASTM D150
 Dissipation Factor (1 Khz)  2  10^-4  ASTM D150
 Dielectric Strength (Short Time)  40  KV / mm  ASTM D149
 Arc Resistance  130  sec.  ASTM D495



 Cadmium (Cd)  mg / kg  EN 1122 (2001), ICP-AES  1  N.D.
 Lead (Pb)  mg / kg  US EPA 3052, ICP-AES  5  N.D.
 Mercury (Hg)  mg / kg  US EPA 3052, ICP-AES  2  N.D.
 Hexavalent Chromium (Cr VI)  mg / kg  US EPA 3060A, UV-vis  1  N.D.


CERTIFIED: RP2400 Grade is suitable for ASTM and FDA regulations:


 Melting Point (°C)  ASTM D 3417  135 ~ 145
 Maximum extractable fraction in n-Hexane at specified temperature  21CFR 177.1520  Below allowance value
 Maximum soluble fraction in Xylene at specified temperature  21CFR 177.1520  Below allowance value
 CI - capture  21CFR 179.45  Below allowance value
 Phenolic antioxidant  21CFR 178.2010  Below allowance value
 Phosphoric antioxidant  21CFR 178.2010  Below allowance value