Liansu / Lesso

Downspout and Condensate Drain




  • Aesthetic Designs: Lesso PVC - U's aesthetic design was intentionally made rectangular so there would be no need for any pipe chases and would not need to be embedded.

  • Lightweight Material: Lesso PVC - U is ligghtweight and installed with solvent cement and gasketed-joint, making each installation easier. It's save time, cost and effort.

  • Chemical Resistance: Acid Rain is never a problem for Lesso PVC - U because it is chemical resistant and is guaranteed to last for many years.

  • Corrosion Resistance: Lesso PVC - U is a non-conductor of electricity and is immune to electrochemical reactions caused by substances that cause corrosion in metals.

  • Paintable: Lesso PVC - U is paintable, making it customizable to your preferences.